The Sketch Deck™ was created by Carole Pivarnik, a gouache and watercolor artist widely known for her stunning pet portraits. Carole is also an enthusiastic sketcher and workshop instructor. She noticed in her sketching workshops that students loved seeing her sketchbooks and often expressed a desire to sketch more. The Sketch Deck is for them, and for anyone else who would like a simple way to get inspired to sketch more in ways that will help them develop their drawing/painting skills as well as their sketching confidence and creativity.

The Sketch Deck is completely adaptable to any sketcher’s preferences. Select cards at random or deliberately. Return cards that don’t suit you to the deck. Follow prompts to the letter, riff on them, or ignore them altogether. Use the deck alone or with groups. It’s all up to you!

A 100+ page Companion Guide is in the works that will provide more guidance in using the deck, a sample sketch for each card, and instructional sketching tips relevant to the sample sketches. 10-card booster packs are also being designed that you can use to further customize your deck to suit your own preferences.

To get your own copy of The Sketch Deck, check out the Shop page (coming in late June 2019). Meanwhile, follow The Sketch Deck on social media or sign up for email announcements to get the latest news .